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How to choose surveys to best measure impactLaura Mills, Research Coordinator from Pine River Institute, discusses how to get curious about the data your organization needs to gather. She shows how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of surveys to help you make an informed decision about what instruments to use.March 2019
The best kept secret of successful therapists: progress monitoringEllen Behrens, Ph.D., LP, and Associate Professor at Westminster College, and Mike Petree, MA, President of Petree Consulting, demonstrates how to use gathered data within a treatment session. Measuring clients while you have them in treatment can help clinicians identify how clients are progressing.August 2019
Setting the foundation to track Evidence-Based OutcomesKristen Francom, Director of OutcomeTools, and Jayte Boehler, BestNotes Product Officer, discuss the future of value-based care in behavioral health. Organizations can set themselves up for success by being prepared to show the value of care you are providing using data gathered from clients.December 2018
Using BestNotes to meet Joint Commission RequirementsMike Petree, founder of Petree Consulting, discusses the changes to the Joint Commission outcomes standard and explains how to be prepared for your next survey by tracking your outcomes using OutcomeTools and BestNotes.June 2018
Establishing a Data Driven CultureDerek Daley, founder of Legacy Outdoor Adventure and Juniper Canyon Recovery talks about how you can create a culture within your organization to gather data and use your data to be a world class treatment facility.May 2020
Integrating Outcomes with BestNotesKristen Francom, Director of OutcomeTools, demonstrates how to start using OutcomeTools in conjunction with BestNotes. This seamless integration helps companies track their progress monitoring gather data to meet Joint Commission outcomes standard requirementsDecember 2019
OutcomeTools DemoThis 30 minute demo will go through an overview of the basic functionality of OutcomeTools.August 2019
Stand out by measuring your outcomesKristen Francom, Director of OutcomeTools, talks about how important it is measure client outcomes for treatment effectiveness, Joint Commission accreditation and to get ahead in the behavioral health industry. August 2018

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