User permissions are set by a system administrator, or by someone who has the manage users permission. BestNotes support is not allowed to update permissions, and will refer you to your system administrator, or another user that has the appropriate permission.

User permissions can be managed by navigating to the "Settings" and then "Users" tab.

Once there, you can create a new users or manage an existing user by selecting their name from the list.

You will navigate to the area titled "User Preferences/Permissions".

This page contains all of the permissions that will be listed and an interpretation of how that affects that users navigation within BestNotes.

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Organization level permissions will allow you to view general areas of BestNotes. These are considered "top level" permissions.

PermissionPermission Description
AdmissionsAllows user to view and import applications submitted through the online portal
ContactsAllows user to search and view contacts
DocumentsAllows user to view and add documents to the company wide repository
For ReviewAllows user to view the For Review tab, enabling user to review and sign all documents requiring their signature, and view any tag updates
General LogAllows user to view a general log of all activities performed in your company's BestNotes account according to their permissions
ModulesAllows user to view custom modules such as Salesforce and OutcomeTools®, among other custom modules
ReportsAllows user to view, create, and run reports from the Reports tab
TasksAllows user to view and edit tasks on their dashboard as well as the tasks button on the left


Contact level permissions allow you to view and interact with different components of BestNotes in relation to contacts. To restrict users from seeing specific client groups you can use tags, and to restrict user from using specific templates, dataforms or group notes, you can create user groups.

PermissionPermission Description
Add ConsentsAllows a user to accept a consent from a contact
Add ContactsAllows user to Add Contacts to BestNotes
Administer ProgramsAllows user to admit into program and alter existing program admissions
Assign Access TagsAllows user to assign access tags
Delete ConsentsAllow a user to delete a completed consent from a contact
Delete ContactsAllows user to delete Contacts from BestNotes
Edit Contact RecordsAllows user to edit a Contact's information
Edit Global IDAllows user to assign a custom contact id at an organizational level
FilesAllows user to add and view a contact's attached files
FormsAllows user to see the forms tab in the Contact's page
Ledger Entry from LogAllows user to view the ledger entries only on notes on the Activity Log
Ledger/RegisterAllows user to make Register/ledger entries on a contact's page
Manage Contracted Code RatesAllows user to create and edit contracted bill and pay rates on a contact's page
Reset Contact PINsAllows user to assist a contact in resetting the contact's PIN number used for digital signatures
Setup Contact PINsAllows user to assist a contacts in creating their unique PIN for electronically signing templates
TasksAllows user to assign a follow-up task to a contact
Web PortalAllows user to make content available on the Web Portal. This permission is never set as a default to ensure data security


Calendar and Task permissions allows you to interact with different areas of the calendar, appointments and tasks. For the iCal permission, see remote mobile access under Settings below. 

PermissionPermission Description
Assign TasksAllows user to assign tasks to other users
Edit Appointment TypesAllows user to set up and configure appointment types
Lock AppointmentsAllows user to prevent appointments' date/time and other details from being edited
Overlay CalendarsAllows user to overlay another user's calendar over their own calendar
Overlay TasksAllows user to overlay another user's tasks in their task manager
Schedule for OthersAllows user to schedule appointments for other users
Unlock AppointmentsAllows user to unlock any appointments which they are able to view


Documents/Files permissions allows you to interact with the database "Documents" tab, and the "Files" tab on a contacts page.

PermissionPermission Description
Create FoldersAllows user to create folders in the company or contact's document manager
Delete FilesAllows user to delete files uploaded in BestNotes
Upload FilesAllows user to upload files to a company's or contact's document manager


Reports permissions indicates whether you can interact with ledger related reports.

PermissionPermission Description
Ledger - Pay RatesAllows user to run reports which will display/export pay rates for users
Ledger - Report All ProvidersAllows user to run reports which can draw from all users ledger/register entries


Settings level permissions will allow a user to access and interact with specific areas that are located within the settings area. 

PermissionPermission Description
Data ExportAllows user to export data from BestNotes into an Excel friendly format (CSV) This also allows you to to email files from the files tab located on the contacts page
Emergency AccessAllows user to enter 'Emergency Access' mode which gives user temporary administrator access
File AuditAllows user to unlock locked entries in a Contacts activity log, to manage quality assurance. This will display the created date when hovering the cursor over the date. This also allows a user to see the Pending Signatures Report
Manage APIAllows user to add, edit, and delete API Credentials
Manage Appointment RemindersAllows user to change appointment reminder settings (There is a cost per message sent)
Manage AutoNotesAllows user to create, edit, and delete autonotes
Manage Custom MedicationsAllows user to create multiple lists of custom medications to use while on a patient's chart
Manage FormsAllows user to create or edit Data Forms
Manage LedgerAllows user to add categories and item codes to the Ledger/Register
Manage PayersAllows users to manage Payer module
Manage Profiles PermissionAllows user to change profile settings
Manage System CustomizationAllows SA users to make system changes for the account
Manage TagsAllows user to create, edit and delete category tags
Manage TemplatesAllows user to create, edit and delete templates
Manage Tx Plan LibraryAllows user to choose and edit DSM codes, goals and interventions
Manage UsersAllows user to create, inactivate, and edit user accounts
Notify on Emergency AccessThis user will be notified when a user enters 'Emergency Access' mode
Process IndicatorAllows the user to use the process indicator icon in the activity log
Q-Log AuditAllows user to view the contents of other users' Q-Logs
Mobile Application AccessAllows user to access the BestNotes app from a mobile device.


Academic level permissions will allow you to interact with BestNotes Academics, as long as academics have been activated by BestNotes support. If you would like to activate Academics, submit a ticket to BestNotes Support. For additional information, visit Academics.

PermissionPermission Description
Academic ReportsAllows user to run an academic report from either the Academics or Reports module
AdministratorAllows user to select a school year, define term dates, periods, and create classes
AdvisorAllows user to enroll students in classes
Edit SectionsAllows user to manage global attributes, such as assignment weights
RegistrarAllows user to edit the transcript
TeacherAllows user to be assigned as a teacher and allows them to manage classroom activities


Billing level permissions allows you to interact with billing components offered within BestNotes. This includes creating, editing, releasing and viewing claims. For additional information, visit Billing

PermissionPermission Description
Create ClaimsAllows user to create new claims within the Billing module
Edit ClaimsAllows user to modify existing claims
Release ClaimsAllows user to release claims
View ClaimsAllows user to review created claims


Clinical level permissions will allow you to interact with the clinically related areas of BestNotes. This includes Treatment Plans, diagnosing, Outcomes, and Group Notes.

PermissionPermission Description
Add DSM-5 Dx ($4 per Month)Allows user to add a client diagnosis from the DSM 5
Create Group NotesAllows a user to create Group Notes as long as they are added as a group member
Create Treatment PlanAllows a user to create a Treatment Plan on a clients page
DiagnoseAllows a user to add a client diagnosis
Family Health HistoryAllows a user to add family health history
Group Notes AdminAllows a user to see all Group Notes that are created across the organization
OutcomeTools®Allows access to OutcomeTools®
OutcomeTools® Administrator
View Completed Treatment PlansAllows a user to view a completed treatment plan but not edit them


Assessment permissions will allow you to view or create any individual assessments in the med/clinical. There are a total of 42 assessments that there are permissions available for. You only need to set the permissions for the assessments that you have requested. The names of the assessments will vary depending on your implementation. Assessments 1-38 are the default names for your additional available assessments. These names can be changed when documentation is added to them, and will display the name it was changed to within these permissions. All assessments will be listed in the permission, but here is an example of a few. 

PermissionPermission Description
Create Intake AssessmentAllows a user to create the Intake Assessment
View Intake AssessmentAllows a user to view the Intake Assessment
Create Nursing AssessmentAllows a user to create the Nursing Assessment
View Nursing AssessmentAllows a user to view the Nursing Assessment
Create History/PhysicalAllows a user to create the History/Physical
View History/PhysicalAllows a user to view the History/Physical
Create BiopsychosocialAllows a user to create the Biopsychosocial
View BiopsychosocialAllows a user to view the Biospychosocial
Create Assessment 01Allows a user to create Assessment 01
View Assessment 01Allows a user to view Assessment 01
Create Assessment 02Allows a user to create Assessment 02
View Assessment 02
Allows a user to view Assessment 02
Create Assessment 03Allows a user to create Assessment 03
View Assessment 03Allows a user to view Assessment 03
Create Assessment 04Allows a user to create Assessment 04
View Assessment 04Allows a user to view Assessment 04
Create Assessment 05Allows a user to create Assessment 05
View Assessment 05Allows a user to view Assessment 05


Medical permissions allows you to access the medically related areas of BestNotes. This includes allergies and medication related permissions.

PermissionPermission Description
Edit AllergiesAllows a user to create, edit or remove an allergy
Edit MedicationsAllows a user to create, edit or discontinue a medication
View AllergiesAllows a user to see a read-only view of a client's allergies
View Meds ReportsAllows a user to see a read-only view of the medications a client is on and has been on
VitalsAllows a user to view and enter vitals
eMAR AccessAllows user to access the eMAR to administer medications
eMAR Configure SettingsAllows user to configure settings in the eMAR. Should be highly restricted!
eMAR Manage PatientsAllows a user to manage patient medications in the eMAR


Integration permissions allows you to use the areas of BestNotes that are related to an integration. You will see this permission once your integration has been set up. 

PermissionPermission Description
Edit AveaAllows a user to add a client in Avea

Permissions report

The User Permission report is available to the System Administrator only, and will allow you to select a permission and see which users currently have that permission. This report can be filtered by the "User Permission", will sort active users from inactive users and will display the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User ID
  • Time Zone
  • User Level
  • User Type
  • Access Tags
  • Providers

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