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The Clinical Profile was created to eliminate anxiety about new regulations and audits. This clinical documentation and workflow adheres to common state regulations, UnitedHealth's (Optum) level of care guidelines and audit tools, as well as standards recommended by The Joint Commission and CARF. Our in-house clinical team has worked hard to maintain an efficient workflow by eliminating redundancies and double-data entry. The best part: BestNotes will automatically update and maintain this documentation for you!

Clinical Profile content

The documentation included in the Clinical Profile are listed below.


Online Patient Application and Pre-Screen

Level of Care Criteria (Dimensional Crosswalk)


Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment (Multi-Dimensional Format)

History and Physical Exam

Psychiatric Evaluation

Medical Assessment

Treatment planning

Master Treatment Plan

Utilization Review

Discharge Summary

Delivery of care

Progress Notes: Clinical, Psychiatric, Medical, CBRS, Peer Support, and Case Management 

Group Therapy Note

Drug UA Results Note & Report

Operational support

Collaboration of Care Note

Missed Service Note

Treatment Team Note (Staffing)

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