What is a Profile

A profile is a clinical documentation set to help meet clinical documentation compliance standards. These documentation sets include an auto-update/versioning features, and as changes are needed, our clinical team makes updates to reflect the changes and keep up to date with new CARF, Joint Commission, Payer, Managed Care, and State or County regulations. Each profile's content is created and managed based on segment specific needs such as Levels of Care and Services.

Behavioral Health Profile

This profile is based on a Behavioral Health clinical focus and includes the following elements.


Online Patient Application



Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment

Psychiatric Evaluation

Substance Use Assessment (Dimensional Format)

Case Management Assessment

Peer Support Assessment

Recovery Coaching Assessment

Treatment planning

Master Treatment Plan & Review

Case Management Plan

Skill Building (CBRS) Plan

Peer Support Plan

Recovery Coaching Plan


Individual Progress Notes

Group Progress Note

Medical/Psychiatric Progress Note

Case Management Progress Note

Peer Support Progress Note

Recovery Coaching Progress Note

Skill Building/CBRS Progress Note

Client Status Report

Collaboration of Care Note

Continuity of are

Discharge Summary

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