Customers using Salesforce and BestNotes can request the ability to import into BestNotes from Salesforce. This integration allows you to use an export file from Salesforce to import your clients. The "Salesforce Export Example" is a guide that outlines the information that is available to be pulled into BestNotes. The only column required is the "Unique Import ID", but these columns listed in the spreadsheet are the only items that can be imported.

Preparation for Salesforce import

  1. Request Salesforce integration from BestNotes.
  2. Request the custom report from Salesforce.
  3. When saving the Salesforce Custom report, be sure to save it as a CSV file.
  4. Send a list of users that will need access to "Salesforce" within BestNotes.
  5. Create a "Fixed Tag" named "SF" within BestNotes.
  6. You will receive notification from BestNotes that Salesforce has been setup.

(BN agent resource.)

Import clients from Salesforce

  1. Select the "Modules" button.
  2. Select "Salesforce."
  3. Select "Choose File."
  4. Choose the Import File received from Salesforce and select "Open."
  5. Select "Upload."
  6. You will be presented with a list of patients to import.
  7. Select the checkbox next to each patient to be imported.
  8. Select "Import Now."
  9. You will receive confirmation of the import.

If the relationship of the related contact is "Therapist" or "Doctor" these related contacts will not be imported into BestNotes. These contacts may be entered in as users of BestNotes, and should be recorded as "Providers" on the "Edit Client" screen.

You have now imported your Salesforce contacts and can find them within BestNotes.

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