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Using Safari as your web browser, click the icon below to download the BestNotes Application

How to install BestNotes

Welcome to BestNotes! BestNotes is a web application which resides on servers at In order to connect to the server, you must download and install the BestNotes Application. To download and install BestNotes, follow the directions below.

Verify System Preferences

Verify that System Preferences - Security and privacy settings allows downloads from the"App Store and identified developers." 

  1. Select the Apple icon on the top left and click on "System Preferences"
  2. Go to "Security & Privacy
  3. Verify that "App Store and identified developers" is selected

Install BestNotes

  1. Navigate to the BestNotes Website using Safari.
  2. Select "Downloads".
  3. Select the "MacOS" icon
  4. Download will initiate, once the download is complete, open "Finder" and navigate to Downloads
  5. Drag and drop the "BestNotes" app into the "Applications" folder
  6. Navigate to the "Applications" folder, open BestNotes, and accept the pop-up alerts:

  7. You are now ready to use BestNotes.

Next steps

How to Log In to BestNotes

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