All allergies entered into DrFirst will be pulled into BestNotes. Allergies entered into BestNotes will not be pulled into DrFirst. It is recommended best practice to manage all allergies in DrFirst. The following instructions will be executed from DrFirst Patient Summary, and will outline 4 methods to add allergies.

Add allergy

If you have yet to add allergies for your patient, a notification will display at the top of the screen.

No allergies

  1. Select "Mark patient NKDA."
  2. Confirm NKDA.
  3. Allergy entry will display as "No Known Drug Allergies (NKDA)."

If you have previously selected NKDA and you now need to list a specific allergen, once you have added the new allergen the NKDA will automatically be removed.

Common allergy

  1. Select the add symbol within the allergies section.
  2. Enter Allergy into the "Allergen" search text field.
  3. Select the allergy from the list.
  4. Select Allergy from the "Matching Allergen/Group."

Non-drug related allergy

  1. Select "Add Allergy."
  2. Search for non-drug related allergy in the search box and select allergy (or enter on keyboard).
  3. Select "Enter Free Text..." link to add allergy.
If yellow exclamation icon displays next to an allergy, this indicates that DrFirst cannot conduct a drug-allergy check because the allergy was entered as free text.

Add allergy details

  1. Below "Allergen" in the "Reaction(S)" text field, begin typing the desired reactions. If there is a matching reaction, select that reaction, Otherwise type in desired reaction, and select "Add."
  2. Once selected, the reaction will display within the "Selected Reaction(S)" area.
  3. Select "Severity" from drop-down.
  4. Enter "Onset Date" if applicable.
  5. Select "Save"
  6. Allergy will now display.
  7. Repeat steps for each allergy.

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