All diagnoses will be managed in BestNotes. The diagnosis will be pulled into DrFirst from the "Master Treatment Plan", and will not pull a preliminary diagnosis. DrFirst uses the ICD-10 code library, therefore only ICD-10 codes will pull into DrFirst.

Diagnosis was not previously available in DrFirst, as a result, in order for the diagnosis to pull in, it has to be a newly added or edited diagnosis since July 3, 2019.

Once you have entered your diagnosis into BestNotes, it will display in DrFirst within the Diagnoses/Problems widget.

When adding a medication, you can specify if the diagnoses displayed are to be added to the medication, and if they are a "Primary Diagnosis" and/or a "Secondary Diagnosis." These fields will only be available if there is a diagnosis entered in BestNotes.

When prescribing medications, DrFirst will alert you if you are prescribing a medication that may interact with a diagnosis documented for your patient. The alerts will appear after you have searched for the drug and chosen the strength.

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