How to install BestNotes

Welcome to BestNotes! BestNotes is a web application which resides on servers at In order to connect to the server, you must download and install the BestNotes application. To download and install BestNotes, follow the directions below.

Installation link

Select the icon below to begin downloading the BestNotes Application.

 Note:  If you are using multiple applications, this version does not support that, and you multiple applications will be removed upon download. The ability to log in to multiple applications will be available with the next version.

Installation instructions

  1. BestNotes will automatically download. If the downloads folder doesn't open automatically, select the download arrow at the top right of your browser window and select the "BestNotes Setup."
  2. Save to "Downloads" folder.
  3. Select "Open" once it has completed downloading.
  4. Select "Yes" to allow the app to make changes.
  5. Review the "Terms of Use."
  6. Choose "I accept the agreement" then select "Next."
  7. Choose to create a desktop shortcut (recommended) and select "Next."
  8. Select "Install."
  9. Choose whether to launch BestNotes and select "Finish" to complete the setup wizard.

You are now ready to use BestNotes.

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