Pharmacy message are electronic requests generated by a pharmacy. These could be refill requests for the patient once his or her medication refills have been completed, change requests, or cancellation acknowledgments.

Manage pharmacy messages

When your practice group has any pharmacy messages, a badge notification will display within the top toolbar.

  1. Select the "Pharmacy Message" icon within the top right toolbar.
  2. Filter for message type by using drop-down menus, if necessary.
  3. Select the desired action from the drop-down menu for each renewal request.
    • Deny: will deny the request and send a denial message to the pharmacy.
    • Change: allows you to change the prescription and/or pharmacy information. When the prescription is changed, the prescription becomes a pending prescription in the appropriate providers prescription report. This will alert the pharmacy that the requested renewal has been denied, but a new prescription will follow.
    • Renew: renews the prescription with the desired number of additional refills. When you choose the appropriate refills, you are authorizing this fill plus "x" refills of the medication.
    • Forward: allows a staff member to forward the prescription request to another qualified prescriber in his or her practice.
    • Remove: should only be used if you have previously handled this request and it is a duplicate.
  4. If desired, type any pharmacy notes in the "Response notes to pharmacist" field.
  5. If desired, enter any office notes in the "Office Comments" field. These comments are visible only to you and your office staff.
  6. After you have selected an action, enter your signature password, and select the "Send" button.
  7. All requests that have an action selected will be executed and delivered to the respective pharmacy.
You can take action on up to 20 renewal requests at a time.

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