Items marked with a * are required, while the other items are recommended, optional or only necessary for specific circumstances.

☐ Hard or soft EPCS Token (recommended to have at least two tokens) *
  • Hard token: Keychain device provided by DrFirst
  • Soft Token: VIP Access by Symantec can be downloaded on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer at Symantec VIP
☐ Social Security Number *
☐ You will have to create a passphrase that is a minimum of 8 characters with at least on capital letter, one lowercase letter, and a number during the enrollment process *
  • A passphrase is necessary for the two-factor authentication step required for sending controlled substance prescriptions
  • It is highly recommended you write down the passphrase to save in a secure location
☐ You will have to create a security question and answer (necessary for resetting you passphrase) *
  • Example: Mother's maiden name or make/model of your first car
  • Security answers are case sensitive so note down your security question and answer exactly as you entered it
☐ Valid personal phone number (mobile or residential; must be associated with home address)
 Note:   If your mobile phone number can be validated, you may receive your transaction ID instantly by SMS text message. Alternatively, you will receive a letter via USPS mail (takes approximately 5-6 business days).
☐ First eight digits of a personal credit card (VISA or MasterCard) -- No business or debit cards. This information is NOT MANDATORY and can be omitted
 Note:   If you completed EPCS credentialing previously you may be able to skip identity proofing.

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