☐ Hard or soft EPCS Token. You cannot complete IDP without a token.
  • Hard token: Provided by DrFirst.
  • Soft Token: VIP Access smartphone/tablet app by Symantec.
☐ Remove any security/credit freezes from your credit accounts by contacting Experian.
  • Instructions on how to remove these freezes/alerts can be found at Experian under "Credit Report Assistance."
IDP cannot be passed if there is any protection on your credit accounts.
☐ Obtain your free EXPERIAN credit report from Annual Credit Report.
  • Identity proofing questions are formulated based upon credit history. This includes but is not limited to, questions about home/auto loans, bank account information, places of residency, etc. Having your credit report available can assist in correctly answering those questions in order to successfully completed IDP.
☐ A valid personal credit card (VISA or MasterCard ONLY) Not required but STRONGLY recommended.
  • Only the first 8 digits are required.
  • It CANNOT be a business credit card or personal debit card.
☐ Valid personal phone number (residential or cellular, must be associated with home address).
If you enter a mobile number, and Experian can verify you are the primary account holder for the phone, you may receive a text message with your IDP transaction ID instantly, as opposed to a letter via USPS mail that takes about 3-5 business days to arrive.
☐ Social Security Number.
☐ DEA number and state: do not use a narcotics addiction DEA number (NADEAN).
☐ An idea for a passphrase/password that is a minimum of 8 characters with at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and a number.
  • A passphrase is necessary for the two-factor authentication required for sending controlled scripts.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that you write down the passphrase and save it in a secure location.
☐ An idea for a security question and answer (necessary for resetting your passphrase/password).
  • Example: Mother's maiden name or make/model of your first car.
  • Security answers are case sensitive.

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