Provider's grant status

Through the DrFirst application, the practice administrator and a validating provider must be present to authorize a provider for EPCS and change the provider's grant status to active. If you don't have an administrative provider for EPCS, then you will need to contact BestNotes Support to set that up. In order to successfully complete this step, the designated administrator and the validating provider should be at the computer together because you will need to enter your passphrase and token information.

  1. The administrator must navigate to DrFirst from BestNotes.
  2. The administrator will then select the hamburger menu in the top left of the screen, and select "Utilities."
  3. From the Utilities page, select "Logical Access Control (LAC) Activate providers for EPCS."
  4. This link will launch the administrator into the Logical Access Control (LAC) screen. This screen will list only providers who are enrolled, meaning that they have completed the IDP process with Experian, activated their token(s), and entered their Experian Transaction Number. Any providers with an inactive grant will be listed first.

    This screen will display no more than 50 providers, if you cannot find the provider you wish to activate, search for him/her at the top of the page.

  5. Next the administrator will need to change the EPCS Grant to "Active" for any providers that need authorization to electronically prescribe controlled substances. Find the provider desired, and select "Active" within the "Grant" column.
  6. Next, the administrator will enter their first and last name into the "Granting Administrator" section on the Logical Access Control page. This acknowledges that the administrator confirms the provider has valid licenses.
  7. Once that is completed, the validating provider will need to identify themselves on the Logical Access Control screen by entering their NPI number. The validating provider can be any provider that has an EPCS Status of "ENROLLED." This could be the provider currently being activated, another provider within the practice, or a provider at any practice who is "ENROLLED" with EPCS Gold.
  8. The validating provider will choose the OTP token they wish to use from the drop-down box, enter his/her passphrase, and enter the OTP from the token.
  9. Once all of the information has been entered, the validating provider will select "Authorize." This will activate their EPCS grant, and they can begin prescribing controlled substances.

If you have forgotten your passphrase, it can be reset by visiting EPCS forgot passphrase.

If necessary, it is possible for the administrator to see the history of providers that have gone through this process via the "Logical Access Control Activity Report."

Auditable event alerts

Any time there is a grant status change, meaning a provider's grant status has changed from "Inactive" to "Active" or vice versa, an automatic report is generated and sent to the provider's email. Per DEA requirements, this report is sent for a provider to have for auditing purposes.

Within the Logical Access Control (LAC) screen, an administrator can view the "Auditable Event Alert Report" from the top toolbar. Additionally, the "Logical Access Control Activity Report" shows Logical Access Control activity. An administrator is also able to add other uses to receive the "Auditable Event Alert Report" by selecting "Alert Email Configuration" and adding the user emails.

This is an example of the email a provider will receive.

This is a sample of the CSV file attached to the above email.

Thank you for choosing to use BestNotes and our integration with DrFirst. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our BestNotes Support or call (866) 543-6646.

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