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These questions have been researched and reviewed by DrFirst, and are published here as a method of releasing this information to BestNotes customers. This is not verified by BestNotes. You can find more details about how this works at DrFirst patient notifications.

What is the "Notify Patient" feature?

This new feature allows providers to trigger a text message (SMS) to the client's mobile number after a prescription is signed and sent to their pharmacy.

Why is DrFirst rolling out this functionality?

This new functionality is designed to increase medication adherence by addressing the clinical, behavioral and economic barriers that prevent patients from picking up their prescriptions.

How does it work for the provider?

The "Notify Patient" option will appear under the "Signature Password" section. It will display a checkbox, giving the option to send the text message (SMS) notification to the patient. The patient's mobile number will be displayed, allowing the provider to verify or edit if needed. This option will appear automatically and will only apply to patients with a mobile number on file.

How does it work for the patient?

Patients receive a text message (SMS) 10 minutes after a prescription is signed in DrFirst. The text message tells the patient that their new prescriptions have been sent to the pharmacy. The text message contains a clickable link (URL) that allows the patient to visit a secure website to:

  • Review the out-of-pocket costs for new prescriptions.
  • Access available discounts and educational material.
  • Confirm pickup time at their pharmacy.

How are patients authenticated in the secure website?

Patients who receive the text message can select the secure link, visiting a secure, HIPAA compliant platform where they can authenticate using their name and date of birth. If their entries match the data in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), they will receive a second text message (SMS) with a 4-digit code and are required to enter this code to view their new prescriptions and pharmacy information.

Can patients opt-out from this program?

Yes. Patients can reply "STOP" to any text message they receive in order to unsubscribe from any future notifications.

How will this feature impact the eprescribing workflow?

This feature works automatically, without impeding the eprescribing workflow in any way.

How can providers opt-out from this functionality?

Providers can unselect the "Notify Patient" option in the signature screen in DrFirst.

What happens if a patient does not have a mobile number?

If the patient record does not contain a valid mobile number, the "Notify Patient" option will not be triggered by DrFirst.

How will this work for patients who are minors?

Given the wide array of state regulations concerning minors, this feature will not be offered for patients under the age of 18.

How have patients reacted to this service so far?

This solution has received a +95% satisfaction ratings from patients over the past 12 months. DrFirst has successfully deployed this service with over 20,000 providers and 4 million patients.

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