January 13, 2021

Multi-select fields in Data Forms

You now have the ability to add a multi-select field in Data Forms. To add a multi-select field, navigate to "Settings", and "Data Forms" (see Figure 1-4). Select the Data Form you wish to update, and select "Add" to add a new field (see Figure 1-5). You will then see the option for "Multi-select" in the drop-down area of the "Data Type" column (see Figure 1-6). To add your options, in the text area next to the "Data Type" enter your options separated by an asterisk (*), and select "Save" (see Figure 1-7). Now that you have a multi-select field added to the Data Form, you can select the "Forms" tab on the client's activity log and select the desired Data Form (see Figure 1-8). Place your cursor in the "Multi-select" field to view your options and to make your selections, or add free text options (see Figure 1-9). Be sure to enter your free text option, and select "Enter" on the keyboard to accept the added option. Each item can be removed as an option by selecting the "X" on the left of the item, or all items can be removed by selecting the "X" on the far right side of the field (see Figure 1-10).

Figure 1-4. Navigating to edit Data Form.
Figure 1-5. Select desired Data Form and add new field.
Figure 1-6. Add "Multi-select" option.
Figure 1-7. Separate options with asterisks.
Figure 1-8. Forms on the contacts page.
Figure 1-9. Adding options to "Multi-select" field.
Figure 1-10. Removing selections.

Telehealth update

All telehealth appointments created from today forward will allow up to 50 participants between the Contacts and Attendees. You will now also have the ability to send the meeting information to related contacts that are added to the appointment (see Figure 1-11).

Figure 1-11. Send meeting information to related contacts.

January 6, 2021

Rescheduling appointments with Meeting Link

When you are rescheduling an appointment using the "Reschedule" button, and that appointment includes an external Meeting URL (see Figure 1-1), this action will now copy the Meeting URL to the new appointment (see Figure 1-2).

Figure 1-1. Original appointment that is rescheduled.
Figure 1-2. Rescheduled appointment from Original appointment.

Recurring appointments listing future appointments

Our "Future Events in Series" section of the "Recurrence" tab will now always display the future appointments in chronological order, starting with the next appointment in the series and ending with the last appointment in the series (see Figure 1-3).

Figure 1-3. "Future Events in Series" in chronological order.

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