The number one question that is asked when starting to measure outcomes is "What questionnaires should I use?" This is a complicated question because it depends on the reason a company is measuring outcomes and what they plan to do with the data. If you are participating in a research study, the study may dictate which questionnaires are needed. If you are measuring to meet accreditation standards, you will need to use a validated and normed questionnaire and one that is recognized in the industry. Joint Commissions Outcomes Standard (2018).

How to decide what questionnaires to use

Get curious, ask clients, families, clinicians:

  • If we see Joe client in a year, what does success look like?
  • What do you think needs to change for our clients?
  • Which staff can we learn from; which staff need training?
  • What elements of our program have the most impact?

Why should you use measurement questionnaires?

  • Demonstrate impact of treatment.
  • Validate treatment approach.
  • Plan for professional development.
  • Make evaluation-informed program decisions.
  • Understand client profiles.

Here is a webinar that helps you distinguish between high quality questionnaires and determine which ones would be the best fit for your organization.

After deciding what data you are trying to gather, you can review our Questionnaire Library to choose from our list of available questionnaires.

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