Release 4.0.20 November 2021

Data Form management update

From the client's chart, in the "More" section (see Figure 11-1), by selecting "Forms" (see Figure 11-2), and then the "Edit" icon (see Figure 11-3), you can now manage which Data Forms are visible (see Figure 11-4).

Figure 11-1. Selecting "More" on the client's chart.
Figure 11-2. Selecting "Forms."
Figure 11-3. Selecting the "Edit" icon.
Figure 11-4. Manage the Forms visibility.

Portal applications update

Portal applications that have been imported to BestNotes on the desktop application will now be viewable on the mobile application (see Figure 11-5).

Figure 11-5. View portal applications from the activity log.

Activity Log and General Log update

When viewing the Activity Log and General Log, you will notice that the paging system was updated to the same as the desktop application (see Figure 11-6). This allows the mobile application to be more consistent and load faster.

Figure 11-6. Paging system in General Log.

Release 4.0.17 October 2021

Contact updates

Users will now have more features on a contacts page.

  1. Navigate to a contact, and select the "More" option.
  2. You will then see you have additional options:
    • Allergies are available as a read-only option.
    • Data Forms (Forms) are available to fill out for the client.
    • Medications are available as a read-only option.
    • Test Results are available as a read-only option.
    • Vitals are available as a read-only option.

All of these areas will be fully functional at a later date.

Release 4.0.15 August 2021

Task update

You can now view and interact with the Task area in BestNotes on the mobile application. To access the main task area you will see the "Tasks" option available in the main menu (see Figure 8-1). When viewing tasks from the main Tasks area, you now have the option to show completed tasks (see Figure 8-2). Creating tasks will give you the ability to add a contact to the tasks (see Figure 8-3), which is currently only available in the Mobile app. To access the tasks on a contact's page, select the "More" option in the bottom menu bar (see Figure 8-4), and select "Tasks" (see Figure 8-5).

Figure 8-1. Main task area.
Figure 8-2. Show completed tasks.
Figure 8-3. Add contact to tasks.
Figure 8-4. Contact "More" option.
Figure 8-5. Contact "Tasks" area.

My Account update

There are new items available when accessing "My Account" in "Settings" (see Figure 8-6). You will now see your Q-Log email address, and you will have the ability to set your appointment notifications (see Figure 8-7).

Figure 8-6. "My Account" location.
Figure 8-7. Q-Log email and appointment notification preferences.

Documents tab update

When a folder is empty, there will be an indented line following the folder that will say "Folder is empty" (see Figure 8-8)

Figure 8-8. Empty folder.

Custom Pronouns update

Custom pronouns will now be available as an option in the mobile application when updating a client's demographics (see Figure 8-9)

Figure 8-9. Custom pronouns.

Release 4.0.12 July 2021

Contact type update

When updating the contact type, you will now receive a confirmation alert (see Figure 7-1).

Figure 7-1. Edit contact type.

Q-Log updates

You will now have the ability to log a Q-Log to a contact from the mobile application (see Figure 7-2). By selecting a contact that is added to the Q-Log, you can remove that contact (see Figure 7-3). You will also have the ability to restrict the Q-Log to a specified group (see Figure 7-4). The ability to update an existing Q-Log is also available (see Figure 7-5).

Figure 7-2. Add contact to Q-Log entry.
Figure 7-3. Remove contact from Q-Log.
Figure 7-4. Restrict Q-Log access.
Figure 7-5. Update existing Q-Log.

Login screen update

The title for the "PIN" on the login screen has been updated to provide more clarity. The title will now read, "Create Pin (select a 4 digit pin to unlock the app)" (see Figure 7-6). Each time you login, you will create a unique pin that will allow you to re-enter the application when it is locked. If you have your settings updated to include biometrics (see Figure 7-7), you can also re-enter the application with biometrics. With this enabled, your locked screen will have both options (see Figure 7-8)

Figure 7-6. Updated "Pin" title.
Figure 7-7. Enabling biometrics.
Figure 7-8. Re-entry to BestNotes.

Filter update

When viewing the filter list for the General Log (see Figure 7-9) or the Activity Log (see Figure 7-10), the notes are now placed in alphabetical order.

Figure 7-9. General Log filter.
Figure 7-10. Activity Log filter.

Release 4.0.11 May 2021

Q-log update

All Q-Logs that are logged to a contact's chart will no longer be editable on the mobile device (See Figure 5-1). The Q-Logs will need to be updated from the Q-Log area as it is on the desktop application.

Figure 5-1. Contact logged Q-Logs not editable.

Contact update

Any contacts that are marked as read-only, will also be read-only in mobile (see Figure 5-2).

Figure 5-2. Read-only contacts.

For Review tab update

Tag notifications will now be shown in the "For Review" tab (see Figure 5-3). Previously this was only available on the desktop application.

Figure 5-3. Tag notifications in For Review tab.

Release 4.0.10 April 2021

Date picker

We have updated the date selector to display a calendar rather than a scrolling menu to make selecting dates easier (see Figure 4-1).

Figure 4-1. New date selector.

Contact search

When searching for a contact, there will now be a 3 character minimum to increase accuracy and speed of returned results (see Figure 4-2).

Figure 4-2. Contact search.


When creating a Q-log, the text field will resize as text is entered (see Figure 4-3).

Figure 4-3. Q-log text field size adjustment.

Basic note types

When working in basic notes types, if text is pasted into the note, all html formatting will be removed to provide a cleaner note.


When editing documentation from the mobile app, the document will be marked as being in use by the user. This means that you will no longer have the issue of the same document being updated by a user in the computer application and the mobile application at the same time, resulting in lost data.

When a document is locked, and then accessed using the mobile application, it would appear to allow you to make edits that wouldn't save. This has been adjusted, and the document will not appear to be editable in the mobile application when it is locked.

Release 4.0.7 February 2021

We have released an update to our mobile app to version 4.0.7. This update includes the following items.

Mobile calendar updates

There are a few updates you will see in the calendar. You will will now have the ability to set the appointment as private, which will show the appointment to other users in the desktop application as 'busy' (see Figure 2-1). You will also have the ability to set the appointment reminder from the mobile app (see Figure 2-2). The notification will appear when logged into the desktop application at the time indicated in the appointment. When viewing calendar appointments that were already created in the desktop application, you will now see the appointment "Type", "Facility", and "Contacts" of the appointment (see Figure 2-3). This is currently set as read-only, but it is the first step towards making these editable from the mobile application in the future.

You will also be able to see the status of the appointment from the calendar page (see Figure 2-4), and from within the appointment (see Figure 2-5).

Figure 2-1. Set appointment as private.
Figure 2-2. Set an appointment reminder.
Figure 2-3. Appointment "Type", "Facility", and "Contacts" displayed as read-only.
Figure 2-4. Appointment status from calendar.
Figure 2-5. Appointment status from appointment.

Notes and templates update

When filtering the type of document from the General Log (see Figure 2-6), or the client's Activity Log (see Figure 2-7), you will now see all active and inactive note types and templates. Previously this was only displaying active notes and templates.

Figure 2-6. General Log filter.
Figure 2-7. Activity Log filter.

The "New Note" drop-down on the client's page will only display active note types and templates (see Figure 2-8). The note type in the Q-log will show active note types only (see Figure 2-9).

Figure 2-8. Selecting note type from client page.
Figure 2-9. Selecting note type from Q-log.

QuickList update

From the contact's page, when viewing "Settings", you will now have the ability to add that contact to one of the 7 QuickLists (see Figure 2-10). The ability to view additional QuickLists will come in a later update.

Figure 2-10. Add client to QuickList.

Template update

When you are working with a template, the "Reference Only" section will only be visible when editing the template (see Figure 2-11), and will no longer be visible when viewing the locked template (see Figure 2-12).

Figure 2-11. Editing the template.
Figure 2-12. Viewing a locked template.

When creating a basic note, or editing an existing one, the text area will expand as you enter additional text (see Figure 2-13).

Figure 2-13. Note text area expands with text.
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