How does RxInform work?

Patients receive a text message minutes after the e-prescription is sent to their pharmacy. The text message contains a link to a HIPAA-compliant website that lets patients view information related to their prescriptions.

What information is available for patients?

The website provides information related to the pharmacy (name, address, phone) and the prescriptions (drug name, strength, and quantity).

The following standard features are also available:

  • Education: drug-specific educational videos to address clinical concerns.
  • Savings: discounts for branded or generic drugs to address financial barriers.
  • Call to Action: option to set a pickup reminder to reduce forgetfulness.

How is the educational content displayed?

The platform can display over 700 short videos that cover 90% of medications dispensed in the United States. Videos are displayed based on the NDC of the prescribed medication. Most videos last about 60 seconds and provide clear instructions on how to take the medication as well as tips to avoid potential side effects or drug interactions.

Does the system offer discounts for branded drugs?

Yes. The website provides access to multiple copay assistance programs for branded drugs. The goal is to inform patients about available options that can lower their out-of-pocket cost.

Does the system offer discounts for generic drugs?

Yes. The system offers a digital savings card that can help reduce the out-of-pocket cost for many generic medications. Patients can show the savings card displayed on the website to their pharmacy or request a text message with a copy of the savings card.

How does the "Set Pickup Reminder" work?

The goal of this feature is to increase the commitment from patients to pick up the prescription. Patients can choose this option to trigger a reminder in their phone at the selected time. The system also allows patients to add an entry to their calendar, helping to reduce forgetfulness.

What other information is available for patients?

If a patient meets the selection criteria for a clinical trial relevant to their condition, the system can display an alert about the specific trial available. Patients can dismiss the option or explore more details if they have an interest in participating.

Is there an option to support ongoing adherence?

Yes. We are expanding our feature set to help patients continue their therapy after the first fill. Depending on the system configuration, the platform can trigger refill reminders to patients in order to help them stay adherent to the prescribed treatment.

Can patients get additional support?

Yes. We provide a FAQ page where common questions can be found, along with a way to contact DrFirst Support.

Can patients rate their experience with the site?

Yes. The system offers an option that lets patients rate their experience. So far, the RxInform platform has received +3 million ratings with a 96% satisfaction rate.

Can patients opt-out from the SMS notification?

Yes. Patients can reply 'STOP' to any text message they receive. There is also an option in the FAQ section of the website to stop receiving text messages. By taking either of these actions, patients can place their mobile number in a "do not contact" list and unsubscribe from future SMS notifications.

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