What is the RxInform service?

This new capability allows the e-prescribing system to automatically trigger a text message to the patient's mobile number when new prescriptions are signed and sent to the pharmacy. The text message contains a link to a HIPAA-compliant website that allows patients to view information related to their new prescriptions.

Why RxInform?

Over 35% of prescriptions never get picked up by patients. This feature was designed to improve prescription fill rates and boost overall medication adherence.

Will this impact the provider workflow?

No. The feature works automatically, without interfering at all with the e-prescribing workflow. The system will automatically identify the mobile number in the patient record and auto-populate the field highlighted.

What if a patient does not have a mobile number?

If the patient record does not contain a valid mobile number, the provider will not be shown the option to send the text message and the patient will not receive the text notification.

How will patients benefit?

The platform directs patients to a secure site designed to address the root-causes of prescription abandonment:

  • Make the prescriptions more affordable by providing copay assistance and savings.
  • Improve understanding of the drug therapy by displaying educational content.
  • Encourage immediate action by encouraging patients to pick-up the prescription.

Does it work for minors?

Given the wide array of state regulations concerning minors, this feature is not offered for patients under the age of 18.

How will patients react?

This service has been available since 2016 across thousands of medical practices serving more than 70 million patients, achieving 98% satisfaction. Several analyses have consistently shown this solution increases new Rx fill rates from 75% to 85%.

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