I can't access OutcomeTools

Are you getting the error "You are not an OutcomeTools user, please contact your System Administrator?" There are a few things that you or your System Administrator can check:

  • Do you have the OutcomeTools Permission in BestNotes?
  • Do you have an OutcomeTools account created in OutcomeTools?
  • Do you have the Administration checkbox checked on your OutcomeTools user account?
  • Does the email address that you have recorded in BestNotes match the email address recorded in our OutcomeTools account?

If you have checked all of these items, and you are still getting the same error, you can create a ticket or call BestNotes Support at (866) 543-6646.

I chose the email delivery method, but it isn't sending

Email delivery of instruments in OutcomeTools do not send until 11:00PM CST on the day the survey becomes active. This is so all surveys can be batched into one link, rather than sending a separate email for each survey. If you would like to force the email of a survey, select the envelope next to the email address (see Figure 1-1). This will display a prompt asking, "Are you sure you want to send an Email Reminder?" Select "Ok and Continue", to send the email anyway.

Figure 1-1. Envelop next to email address.

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