Any staff members that would like to have their BestNotes calendar imported into another calendar, can do so using the iCal URL. Each user will have a unique iCal link, and will need to perform this task individually.

iCal URL

To find your iCal URL, navigate to "Settings", then "My Account." Your URL is located under "Calendar Export." You will want to follow the instructions from your calendar to add the URL link.

iCal information exported

When you have the iCal URL connected, you can expect to see the following information. The information included below will only appear if they exist on the calendar appointment in BestNotes. You will not be able to make any changes to an appointment outside of BestNotes.

  • Appointment subject line.
  • Appointment status.
  • Appointment date and time.
  • Appointment location (Facility).
  • Contact's first name and last initial.
  • Meeting URL.
  • "BestNotes CRM" identifier.

Here is an example:

If you have a client that would like to use the iCal link, you can find out how to do that from iCal for clients.

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