Release 4.1.8 October 2022

Tasks update

With the "View Other's Tasks" permission, you will now have the ability to view others tasks. Also, with the "Assign Tasks" permission, you will have the ability to and assign tasks to other users.

Release 4.1.7 July 2022

Contact page update

When viewing the contact details, you will notice that the field label "Sex" has been changed to "Birth Sex." in conjunction with the FHIR US Core regulations.

Calendar update

We addressed some minor formatting issues concerning the display of the calendar.

Release 4.1.5 July 2022

Special field update

Previously the contact image special fields were not rendering in the mobile application. This has been adjusted, and the contact image special fields will now render appropriately on the mobile application.

Contact page update

From a contact's page, when you select "More" on the bottom menu bar, you will notice that the cards listed here are now in alphabetical order. You will also now have a "Payers" option to access a read-only version of the payers that are assigned to the contact.

Calendar updates

The calendar has been completely reworked, and you will now see a months view of the calendar, with the agenda for the selected date and the following 30 days listed below the calendar.

Release 4.1.0 April 2022


On the client's chart, if you select "More" and select "Programs" (see Figure 4-1), you will now see Programs available as a "read-only" option (see Figure 4-2).

Figure 4-1. "More" on a client's chart.
Figure 4-2. "Programs" now available as read-only.

Bug fixes and improvements

A bug was addressed where a small segment of devices couldn't use a PIN or biometrics to unlock their devices, and were forced to login every time. This has been addressed and will no longer be an issue. We have also updated the application to better respond to different screen resolutions and custom font scaling.

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