Authorized user groups can be used in OutcomeTools to categorize groups of clients for reporting. They are also used to restrict user access based on what group the users have access to.

Restricting user access

When setting up a new user in OutcomeTools, you must assign the user to at least one user group. These groups will allow you to restrict access by assigning users and clients to specific groups. Those users will only see the clients that have the groups they are assigned to. This works similarly to BestNotes Tags. Most companies will only have the "Administration" group, but if you would like to add additional User Groups, contact BestNotes Support.

Categorizing clients into groups for reporting

When adding a client into OutcomeTools, the screen will open to the "Client Details" tab. In the bottom left corner of the screen, you will see the "Authorized Groups." Select the groups that you would like the client to be included in.

This is used to put clients in the access groups for users. Additionally, when doing reporting in OutcomeTools, several reports will allow you to filter by "Group/Location" depending on how the "User Groups" and "Authorized Groups" are being used.

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