Welcome to our BestNotes Software tutorial! In this video we will walk you through how to add a level of care or a program to a client in BestNotes.

0:06 Navigate to the Episode tab
00:14 Add a Program
00:18 Add Program Details
00:39 Add Program (Level of care) and location
01:05 Add Staff

Permissions required

The "Administer Programs" permission is required to manage programs on a client's chart.

Add a program

  1. Navigate to the client's chart and select the "Episode" tab. 
  2. Then select the "Add Program" button.
  3. Enter a "Start Date" and, if applicable, a "Start Time."
    Note:  An "End Date" is not required until the client transitions or discharges from the level of care or program, but you may choose to enter an "Estimated End Date."
  4. Select the "Program" drop-down and assign the appropriate "Level of Care" or "Program."
    Note:  The Program and Locations options can be customized to fit your needs. Your System Administrator can request an update to these areas by contacting BestNotes Support.
  5. In the "Location" drop-down, assign the appropriate location.
  6. Select the "Staff" drop-down menu to document the client's Primary Provider from the list of active users in your database.
  7. Select "Save Program Data."
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