If you see an "Unable to connect. Please check your internet connection and try again." message, follow the steps below to correct it.

  1. Check your internet connection. 
     Note:  A computer may be connected to the Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi router may not be connected to the internet. Be sure to check both ends of the connection.
  2. Make sure there are no antivirus programs or firewalls interrupting the connection from the BestNotes application to our servers. It is recommended that you add BestNotes to your antivirus/firewall "whitelists."

 If you have a good internet connection, and your antivirus and firewalls are not interrupting the connection, there may be a time sync issue. To fix this follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your computers "Date and Time" settings.
  2. Verify that the following settings are turned on:
    1. Set Time Zone Automatically
    2. Set Time Automatically
  3. Below the "Additional Settings" select the "Sync Now" button.

Once these steps have been completed, try connecting to BestNotes again. If you continue to have issues after following all of the steps listed below, you can reach out to BestNotes Support for additional help.

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