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Adding a Contact

  1. At the top-left of the Dashboard, search for a contact by last name or check the Advanced Search settings for more categories (NOTE: Searching will ensure that you do NOT create unwanted duplicate contacts, but it will only display the first 50 results. Enter as many characters as possible to optimize your search.). 

  2. If the search returns with no match and for example this is a patient, click on New Client (NOTEOnly 50 names will populate the results list. Keep entering characters to reduce the result amount.)

  3. Fill out the New Client form and select the appropriate Tags (required to save).
  4. Click Save. 

You can also create a new contact for
  • Individual (Related Contact)
  • Business
  • School/Program (BestNotes recommends Business instead)

Parents or related contacts should be added as Individuals and NOT as a Client/Student. They should receive the same Access tags as the Client they are associated with, as well.

  • Red Dot = Client (e.g. Patient / Student)
  • Black Dot = Indivdual or Business (e.g. Related Contacts)
  • Gray Dot = Inactive Contact

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Edit Contact Window - Identification (ID) Descriptions

1 . CID:
  • This is a BestNotes ID
  • It is locked and only used by BestNotes Support (e.g. Merging duplicate contact's)

2.  ID (Alternate ID):
3.  Global ID: 
  • A 3rd place to manually enter an alternate ID that is unique to your company (e.g. if ID (above, next to CID) was already populated from an import)

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Display Additional Side Demographics

Key Comments to Provider 1 will automatically display when that client's field has data. Provider 2 through CID or Allergies must be requested by your System Administrator.

Additional information can be populated from data form fields (e.g. insurance and diet info). This data can be turned red per request.

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Client Demographics Report

Displays all client ethnicities and total counts for gender, state, country, and age group with graphs for each (entered in client info page). It can be sorted by tags (Access Tags) and Admit date.

For more documentation on reports, click HERE.

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