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To create a new message, navigate to the Dashboard (home screen) and click on the new message button.

A new message window will display.

In this window a user can:

  • Select the type of message, the participants or recipients of the message, enter the body of the message, or log this message to a Contact's Face Page.

    • The visibility of the message can be restricted to members of specific groups.

  • At the bottom of this window is an Email Alert checkbox, check this box if an e-mail alert needs to be sent to the recipients.

 After composing the message, two options are available:

  • Send- this option will send the message and leave a copy in the user's inbox. This option is chosen if the user wants notification that the recipient has read the message. The names of the recipients will appear in red until the message is read. Their name will appear black after they have read the message.

  • Send and Archive- will send the message to the participants and then move the original message to the archived folder.

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