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Take a profile picture Recommendations

  • BestNotes Mobile App (HIPAA Compliant)
    • Hold horizontal (Landscape) only
      • NOTE: Taking a vertical (Portrait) picture will be switched to horizontal in BestNotes and display incorrectly.
    • Stand 2 Feet away or less from client
    • Make sure it only saves to BestNotes and not device (HIPAA compliant)
  • Regular Camera (See HIPAA-G02)
    • Portrait (Vertical) requires resizing
    • Horizontal (Landscape) requires resizing 
  • NOTE: Rule of Thirds (For more information, Click HERE)
    • Place the client's left eye on the right vertical line
    • Leave a little space above the head, not hairline
    • See driver licenses or passport photos for reference

Resize the picture to be under the 500kb limit or fix pictures that are too big on other documentation (e.g. Reports, Portal, etc.)
  • To resize a picture open picture with Windows Paint or Mac Preview:
    • Windows: Paint

  1. sdf
    1. Click on the Resize button
    2. Click on the Pixels button
    3. Either the Horizontal or the Vertical box will have a bigger number
    4. Make sure Maintain Aspect Ratio is checked
    5. Change the box with the higher number to 100
    6. This will change the other box to fit within that size. 

    7. Click OK 
    8. Once completed, Save this new size As a new file with a new file name (e.g. add a 2 at the end of the name, but before the .jpg extension).


    • Mac: Preview
      • Select Size icon or Tools drop down menu 



      • Change to Pixels view  

    • Either the Width or the Height box will have a bigger number (depending how the picture was taken. e.g. Landscape vs Portrait)

    1. Make sure Scale proportionally and Resample image are checked
    2. Change the box with the higher number to 100
    3. This will change the other box to fit within that size.
    4. Click OK
    5. Once completed, Save this new size As a new file with a new file name (e.g. add a 2 at the end of the name, but before the .jpg extension).

  • If this was to fix an oversized picture, re-upload picture and check on the document

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To add a picture to a client's profile (Face) page:

  1. Click on the Edit Photo button 

  2. Read *NOTE: (Resize) before clicking Browse (see above)

  3. Navigate to and select picture

  4. Click Open

  5. Follow HIPAA Compliance on Storing or Removing pictures from your device (See HIPAA-G02)

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Report - Client Picture Roster:

Displays current clients, defined as those with a Start Date (DOA) and no End Date (DOD).

  • It is a picture roster of all current clients.
  • Clients are listed in alphabetical order by last name. 

For more documentation on reports, click HERE.

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Replace a Profile Picture

NOTE:  A contact's profile picture / photo can only be replaced. BestNotes Support recommends having a generic picture available that your company has permission to use in this case.

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