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My List (Personal Contact List for a User)


BestNotes allows the option of adding contacts to a personal quick list, called MyList, which is located on the left-hand panel underneath the search results. Contacts added to this list are always displayed and available for quick access. 

To add/remove a contact from MyList

  1. Search for the contact using the search box at the top-left of BestNotes.
  2. Click the contact name in the search results below the search box to open the contact's profile page.
  3. Check or un-check the MyList box to the right the contact's name in the main contact area.


Removing contacts from your 'MyList' does not remove them from the database.

Quick-Lists (7 Company Contact Lists)

The numbers next to the word "My" are Quick-Lists, set up by your company's System administrator (Click here for more information). Hover over a number to display the QuickList Label.

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