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Inactivating a Contact

When a client leaves a program and has been tagged as “Past”, the user can inactivate the client so that their name appears in grey in a search result list or report. To inactivate a client:

  1. Navigate to the client’s page.
  2. Click on the edit contact icon  next to their name in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

  3.  Once in the edit contact view, choose the inactivate option at the bottom of the screen after selecting a reason for inactivating.

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Deleting a Contact

If a need arises to delete a client from BestNotes, you must have the Delete Contact permission and then navigate to the client’s page. 

  1. Click on the edit contact icon 
  2. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the edit contact page.

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Inactivate Reasons Report

Allows the user to track all clients, who are inactive in the system, and the reason they have been inactivated (information pulled from client information form).

  • It can be filtered by Tag and Date Range.
  • This report This report displays: Reason Inactive, Number of Contacts, Percentage, Name, Date of Admission (DOA), Date of Discharge (DOD), Zip Code, Inactive Status, Referral Category, Primary Referrer, Referred Out. 

For more documentation on reports, click HERE.

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