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 How to use Portal
  1. New clients will need to either:
    1. Register on the portal (Click HERE).
    2. Accept the email invitation from the BestNotes portal OR when a user clicks the contact's status icon (Click HERE).
    3. Fill out an application.
  2. An e-mail will be sent to your company, such as:

    • or 

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Application Manager

 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


The Application Manager is accessed by clicking on the Admissions button in the lower left-hand corner of the Dashboard.

By default, the list of applications that appear are those that have been completed and submitted. To look at archived or incomplete applications, check the appropriate boxes in the upper right-hand corner.

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Import Application

Once a potential client has filled out and submitted an application:

1. Navigate to the Application Manager

NOTE: The Assigned To column can offer a dropdown menu with a list of admission users (e.g. select one user who needs to be designated to import a specific application or client to follow up with). To create this drop down menu, send an email to or create a ticket with a list of users.

2. Click on View (under Action - far right).

3. Once the application is open, it can be reviewed before importing to make sure all information is filled out.

4. When the application review is done, import the contact into BestNotes by clicking the Add to BestNotes button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Next, the system will try to find existing contacts in BestNotes that match the name of the individual applying.


 On this screen, two options are available:

  • Create a new contact.

  • Overwrite a contact's current information.

  • The same options will appear for each of the related contacts as well.

After importing the contact, the user will be brought back to view the application with a new set of options. The options are to print, delete, archive and lock, or Relink to BestNotes (more info below).

NOTE: If you do not Archive and Lock the application, the applicant can still make changes to the application..


Transfer Inquiry is for Common Applications to be sent to other Programs or organizations. Click here for more information.

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Refresh Med/Clinical Assessments / Documentation

When you Overwrite an existing client or a client that has information in their Med/Clinical window, the Med/Clinical Assessments, or Documentation will need to be refreshed in order to pull in the application information.

Click OK to pull in the application information.

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Relink to BestNotes

When an application is imported and attached to the incorrect client:

  1. Check Imported  
  2. Click application's View button

  3. Click the Relink to BestNotes button

  4. Under the Target column for a client, click Unlink 

  5. Choose a different possible demographic match:

    • If the correct client is listed then select that client and click Overwrite.

    • If the contact does not already exist in BestNotes, then select Create New Contact, then click Create Contact button.

NOTE: When unlinking an application from a client, the application is removed from that client's Activity Log. Any Data Forms or Med/Clinical documents that received imported information are NOT cleared out. That information has to be manually deleted by the user OR restore the correct information that was there.

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Select Archived and click on View

Click Re-Activate to allow the client to make any further edits.

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Admissions Report

Displays how many clients were admitted and where they were referred from.

  • It is tracked by those with a Date of Admission (DOA).
  • This can filter by month, quarter or Year to Date (YTD). 
  • It also gives the referral category and referral name for each admission.

For more documentation on reports, click HERE.

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