Once your Academic Year and Terms have been defined, you will want to define the periods. Periods must be defined in order to create classes and enroll students.

Permissions required

The "Administrator" permission is required to manage periods.

Manage Periods

  1. Select "Academics" in the bottom left menu.
  2. In the "View" drop-down, select "Admin."
  3. Select the "Periods" tab.

Add a new Period

  1. Below the "New Period" label, enter the name of the period in the first field.
  2. In the first drop-down, select the "Start" time.
  3. In the second drop-down, select the "Stop" time.
  4. In the last field, Enter the order number to define where in the list the period will be.
  5. If you need to update the order of the existing periods, update the number in the order column.
  6. Select Save.

Filter periods

You can define the order in which your periods will display in this window. Select the "Order Periods" drop-down to define the order as follows:

  • "--" is the default display will place your periods in order based on the "Order" column. 
  • "Alphabetically" will display your periods in alphabetical order based on the name.
  • "By Start Time" will display your periods in order based on their "Start" time.

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