Once your Academic Year and Terms have been defined, and you have defined your periods, you can create classes and enroll students. The Classes are divided into Departments, then Classes, then sections. Your onsite System Administrator will need to send a ticket to BestNotes to customize the Academic Years and Departments.

User Permissions Required

The "Administrator" permission is required to manage Classes.

Navigate to Classes

  1. Select "Academics" in the bottom left menu.
  2. In the "View" drop-down, select "Admin."
  3. Select the "Classes" tab.

Adding Classes

  1. Select the "Academic Year" that you would like to add classes to.
  2. Next to the department that you would like to add the class to, select the "Add Class" link.
  3. Type in the "Subject" and the "Description" for the class.
  4. Set the "Term Weights." This will set the default starting point for all of the "Sections" that are added to the class. The numbers that correspond with the grade specify the percentage of the total grade. Term Weights can also be customized, your onsite System Administrator will need to send in a ticket to BestNotes Support.
    1. You can set the "Grade" weights by selecting the type from the drop-down. Then you will set the "weight" of the grade by selecting the number from the next drop-down. The Weight combined will need to equal 100 altogether.
    2. Term Weights for "Attendance", "Behavior", "Effort", and "Participation" can be set by selecting the checkbox next to each. They can also be included in the grade weight by selecting the number in the drop-down next to it.
  5. Then you will set the "Term Credit Value" in the "Section Weights" area. This is defining how many credits the class is worth. Enter the maximum number of credits possible for each term. If there are multiple terms, divide the whole credit number by the number of terms. Here are some examples:
    • If a class has "2" terms, and is a "1" credit class, you will enter "0.5" in the "Term Credit Value."
    • If a class has "2" terms, and is a "0.5" credit class, you would enter "0.25" in the "Term Credit Value."
  6. Once these values have been set, you will select "Create Class" and then you can set up individual sections for the class.

Adding Sections

To add a section to a class, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the "+ Section" link next to the class you want to add the section to.
  2. The information listed below is required to save a "Section."
    • Subject - This will default to the class name that you are adding the section to
    • Teacher - Any user with the "Teacher" permission will display here.
    • Period - If you have not set up periods, these need to be setup before completing this step. See Step 2: Manage Periods for additional information.
    • Seats - This will set a maximum number of seats for the class. This number can be exceeded, and will only notify you when the limit is reached.
  3. Additional information to verify or update is the "Weekdays" the class will be in session, and any potential substitutes.
  4. Then you will need to select all of the terms that this section will be taught in and verify the "Begin" and "End" dates of the terms. 
  5. The "Term Weights" will default to what was selected in the "Class" setup. You can make any adjustments necessary. 
  6. Enter in an objective, and assign the credit value of the section. 
  7. Select "Create Section."

The setup for the Sections will be applied to all students enrolled in this section. Once a section has been saved, any Term information will need to be updated on a student by student basis.

Enroll Students 

Once you have created all of your classes and your sections, you can start enrolling students. 

  1. For each section, there is a "Manage Enrollment" icon on the far right side. Select the "Manage Enrollment" icon for the section that you would like to enroll students into.
  2. Verify the Class, and the "Term", and select the correct term if needed.
  3. Select the "Add Student" button.
  4. In the "Search" field, search for the student you would like to add, and select the name of the student.
  5. Be sure to select each "Term" that you would like the student to be enrolled in, and verify the "Begin" and "End" dates for the terms. 
  6. Update any of the other default settings as needed, and select "Enroll Now."

You can repeat this process for each student that you would like to have enrolled. You can also enroll a student from their Academic Page.

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