User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


  1. Click on Reports in the bottom left-hand corner

  2. On the Report Type drop down menu, select Register/Ledger.
  3. Choose the necessary information needed for the report.

NOTE:  If you click Page breaks each individual contact’s ledger will print on a separate page. This information can be used for an invoice or can be exported to a CSV file or manually entered into QuickBooks to create an invoice. 

Ledger Setup Report (Manage Ledger permission required): displays all Ledger Items/Codes created in BestNotes. It can be filtered by Category. It is sorted by Category and grouped by Procedural Codes.

For more documentation, click HERE.


For Superbill instructions, click HERE.

 BestNotes to Transaction Pro To QuickBooks
Baystate Consulting, publisher of Transaction Pro Importer, has a website with information on what transaction types Transaction Pro Importer (TPI) handles. Baystate Consulting will sell the Transaction Pro Importer directly. They are a consulting firm that can help with the programming.

While on that website, you'll see another link that takes you to a more updated website for more info as well:
If you have on paper the specifics of what transaction types you want to import into QuickBooks, Baystate Consulting should be able to advise you on any questions you have. If you still have questions after talking/emailing with Baystate, then the consultant Bob Michlin is happy to help. However, before scheduling, he would like to see the details of the transaction types that you want to import and questions you have.

If you get to the point that you need to contact Bob directly, his info is the following:

Bob Michlin
Phone: 818 338-7234

Overall, you should have what you need with BestNotes and this Transaction Pro program to be able to do what you need. After you feel confident with what Baystate tells you, then just let BestNotes know how you want to proceed.

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