User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


For more documentation on the Register/Ledger Report, Click HERE.

To create a Superbill in BestNotes:
  • Build a Data Form for users to add NPI and License number

  • Create a support ticket on this website and enter the Company and Provider NPI OR to pull from a user's Provider Setup tab (Click HERE).
  • Request for this to populate the Register/Ledger report.
  • BestNotes Support can do a customized header, but only one header can be created. 
    • If you are not comfortable putting any NPI out to everyone, you need to put the NPI in a Data Form and pull data fields in from the Data Form.
  • Run the Register/Ledger report.
  • Group by:
    • Contact
    • then by None to save a snapshot on the portal or print with a Page Break by client. 

If sending the Superbill through the portal from the Reports or client's profile screen,

the NPI should not be included because the header does not print on the portal. 

Print with Header:

  1. Click the Save Snapshot button
  2. Navigate to the client's profile page
  3. Click on the the Activity Log Superbill Note
  4. Click the Printer icon

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