To inactivate a user from BestNotes, you will need to have the "Manage Users" permission. If you are looking for a user and do not see them in the list of users, your System Administrator may need to update your "Access Tags" to give you access to see that user.

To inactivate a user follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to "Settings", and then select "Users."
  2. Select the user you would like to inactivate.
  3. In the "User Details" window, select the "Inactivate & force log off" checkbox.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation to inactivate the user and force the logoff. Select "OK."
  5. Select "Save."

That user will now be logged out of BestNotes, and will not be able to log back in. If you need to activate an inactive user, visit Reactivate a user.

You will be billed for any active user, and for inactive users that logged in during the billing period. To see which users you will be charged for the following month, please see your Billing User List report.

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