The "Send To" function can be used to notify a staff member that a document needs to be reviewed before it is locked. 


  1. Finish the note
  2. Use the mouse and cursor to Highlight the document title and down to the name of the client, or however much you want to send.
  3. Then click the "Send To" icon 

  4. It will bring up the "Send To dialog box".
  5. Click on the "Q-Log" and add any text you would like the approving staff member (BestNotes User) to be aware of.

  6. Then "Save and Archive". The therapist will receive the Q-Log, be able to navigate to the client's page, and review the note. There, they can make any changes that are needed. If it is important that the clinician's signature appears after the originating signer. Then, the therapist would lock the note, not "Save, Sign & Lock". If the therapist is the only one signing they can "Save, Sign & Lock and be done.

Copy Note

This could be used to copy (duplicate) notes. For more and better documentation on copying (Cloning) notes, Click HERE and scroll down to Clone Note.

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