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  1. BestNotes Users - Overlay or Single Day Column View & Group - Single Day Column View (for more documentation, click HERE)
  2. Time Zone Selection
  3. Refresh
  4. Return to Current Time
  5. Single Day
  6. M-F
  7. Sunday-Saturday
  8. Month
  9. More Options

    • Print (All views. For more documentation, click HERE.)
    • Add or Remove Cancellations

NOTE: If there are BestNotes users in different time zones, the overlay calendar automatically moves to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or 4 hours ahead of Eastern time. To change this, your on-site System Administrator will navigate to Settings -> Groups and select a Time zone for that group.

To navigate one day forward or back, use the blue arrows at the left of the calendar section.

To change the date while in a group view, use the blue arrows to move one day at a time or click on the date (top center) where a Calendar window will pop up and let you select a new date.

OR, use the dual calendar (left side):

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