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NOTE: All Contacts (Clients) must be added into the appointment before selecting the Check-In button.

Creating an appointment (using an appointment type with participants and attached documentation):


  1. Click in the Calendar for the start time of the desired appointment (Use Overlays and the BestNotes user time zone as needed. For more documentation, click HERE). 
  2. A New Appointment dialog box will open
  3. If available, select an appropriate Appointment Type 
  4. Click in the Contactsbox
    1. Add all your Participants (multiple?, e.g. Group Note, Family Therapy)
    2. NOTE: The Search field is tied to your advanced search settings at the top-left (e.g. if you want to look up by CID, that box must be checked in the top-left) 

  5. Edit other settings as needed (e.g. length, the Private box keeps an appointment locked to that user only and "Busy" when overlayed on other BestNotes Users' Calendars)
  6. The appointment Facility will default to the client's facility (as seen in the client's episode tab).  The first client added that has a facility set will set the appointment facility. *Please Note that it is also recommended that "Require Facility" is enabled in the set-up on all Appointment Types*
  7. Add text in the Note tab as needed
  8. Manually adjust ledger codes in the Ledger Tab (for more information, click HERE).
  9. Click the appropriate Save button

  • For more documentation on Locking Appointments, click HERE.

NOTES: All participants must be correctly added into the appointment before selecting the Check-In status button.

  • Status buttons only change a single appointment. 
  • Use the Delete button (requires Un-Check-In). 
  • Change the appointment settings to affect all other future recurring appointments.

Warning: You will NOT be able to update the note with new participants after it is Checked-In. 


  1. Left or Right-click on the appointment
  2. Select Check-In

NOTE:  This is your last chance to update the participant list prior to creating documentation from the appointment.

If somebody needs to be added (Deletes documentation):
  1. Copy all content from documents that have been created 
  2. Right-click 
  3. Select Un-Check-In (Deletes documentation
  4. Add participant (Contact/Client)
  5. Save 
  6. Select Check-In again 
  7. Paste the previous content into the new blank documentation 
  8. Add the new participant's notes
  9. Save

Begin Appointment (Locks Check-In and opens Documentation):

  1. Right-click and select Begin Appointment
  2. Save documentation and exit Note.
  3. If the appointment has not been Checked-Out, you can always go back to the client's page in the New Note tab/section (Activity Log) to finish it or view the completed note. 

Warning: You will NOT be able to update the note (e.g. add new participants to group notes) after it is created.


  1. Right-click and select Check-Out.
  2. If billing is part of this appointment type, it will be added to participant's Register.
  3. Any Note should be locked.

When the Private Box is checked, the appointment details will not be visible to other users and that block of time will remain reserved.

For more information on appointment status selections, Click HERE.


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C - Appointment Forecasting

Displays future appointments by appointment day, time, and amount of charge.

  • Ledger All Providers permission required to display all appointments
  • Hold the control (CTRL+) key to select multiple Appointment Types, Providers, and Statuses
  • Ledger must be checked for the client


  • Managing appointment confirmations for future appointment days
  • Reviewing number of 'no shows' during a particular date range or by provider
  • Monitoring payments collected by appointment date


C - Appts by Client


Displays any scheduled appointment filtered by client. 

  • This report displays: contact, appt type, provider, appt date, appt time (start and end), confirmed, title, and status.
  • This report can be filtered by date range, status, and appointment type. 

For more documentation and reports, click HERE.

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Create Appointments using the Tab Key


  1. Click on a time in the Calendar
  2. Type in the Subject line
  3. Press Tab
  4. Appointment Type
    • Use the Down Arrow
    • OR
    • Press the first letter in the title until it appears
  5. Press Tab
  6. Choose a Contact
    • Type in the last name of the Contact (use the arrow key and press Enter on Name)
    • OR
    • Click (Mouse) on the Quick Select icon, a box with your My List Contacts and Tags (Groups) can be selected
  7. Press Tab
    • Type in the first letters of the First Name of the Provider
    • Use the Down arrow key
    • Press Enter
  8. Press Tab 
  9. In the Reminder box, type a number until your time appears
    • 5=5 min
    • 1=10-15 min, 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 Day, 1 Week
    • 2=20 min, 2 hours, 2 Days
    • etc.
  10. Press Tab 
  11. Press the Spacebar to make a Check in the Private box and keep your appointment locked to that user only and "Busy" when overlayed on other BestNotes Users' Calendars

From Private Box

Recurrence tab:

  1. Press Tab twice and Enter once to open the Recurrence tab
  2. Press Tab twice to enter a number in the Every:_days (use your mouse to change it to Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  3. Click (Mouse) to enter a number of Occurrences or on a specific date
  4. Click (Mouse) change a conflicting appointment

Notes tab

  1. Press Tab 3x and Enter once to open the Notes tab
  2. Press Tab to enter text

Ledger Tab:

  1. Press Tab 6x
  2. Edit as needed

Users Box:

  1. Press Tab 6x
  2. Type in the first letters of the First Name of the User
  3. And or Use the Down arrow key
  4. Press Enter on Name


  • Press Tab 8x and Enter once to Save and Lock
  • Press Tab 9x and Enter once to Save

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