BestNotes Calendar has four available views: 

  • Single Day
  • M-F
  • Sunday-Saturday
  • Month

All views can be printed using the small printer icon located in the top right "More" drop-down menu. NOTE: Month view will print any appointment that is visible on all 42 days. Even the days outside of that month, if they are visible, they will be on the printout.

Print more than one user's Agenda:

  1. Click on the Overlay button
  2. Select user(s) or a group
  3. Click on the More drop-down menu

Select Show Cancellations, as needed

Multiple User Agenda Example:

Agenda Style example with appointments:

      Appointments are ordered from AM to PM.

If appointments have the same start time they are grouped and ordered by when they end (e.g. an appointment with a 10:30 AM end time will come before an appointment with an 11 AM end time).


Agenda Style example without appointments:

For more documentation and reports, click HERE.


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