Individual note types/templates:

Click the signers button, add/remove the BestNotes Users as signers, and click the Update Signers button.  This can be done without unlocking the document.

Group Notes:

Click the Group Notes button, click the History tab, search for the note you need, and click to open it.  If you have the File Audit permission, click the green lock in the top right corner to unlock the note. 


  • Unlocking Group Notes remove all signatures and the Group Note from all the participants' Activity Logs. All the Signers will need to resign the Group Note
  • Do NOT add more Participants if this Group Note was created by an Appointment.

Click the sessions tab, open the note, add any additional signers, and Save & Lock.

Med/Clinical documents:

Click the Med/Clinical button, add signers to the document, and click "Save Snapshot" again.

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