Add Related Contact to Signers

  1. Click on New Note or a saved Activity Log
  2. Use the  dropdown or type the name of the Related Contact in the Contact's box (upper-right of Note) to log this Note to the person who needs to sign

  3. Then click the Signers  button and add that person as a signer 

  4. Then click Save, Sign and Lock. 
  5. Signature button will be made available on the contact's Activity Log.
  6. If the contact is on-site have them use their PIN.

NOTE: Related contacts need to be added BEFORE the Note is saved and locked. To unlock a Note, you need the File Audit user permission .

Add Related Contacts on Group Notes

  • Add Related Contact as a Participant from the Group Notes Window before locking


Med/Clinical Documents

For more information, Click HERE.

Send to Portal

  1. For Related Contacts, click on the icon to pull up the Edit Relationship dialogue box.

  2. Make sure that the contact has Web Portal checked. **You must have the Web Portal permission.

  3. Assist the client in creating a portal account.
  4. Click on the Activity Log Note Globe icon .
  5. Choose the contact.
  6. Contact can now view documentation or pictures by clicking on the name or sign on the Portal where there is an electronic PIN icon .

  7. They will use their Portal Account Password to sign.

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