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 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):

The For Review tab displays:

  • When there are documents ready to digitally sign or need your attention (NOTE: Locked notes only). 
  • When a tag has been added or removed from a contact. 

Signature Required

1.  To review and sign a document, click on the Signature required button.

  • If a ledger code is associated to this document, click the ledger button to review.

  • Click Append, If more information needs to be added to this document.

  • If a paper copy is needed, select print.

2.  Click sign entry when your signature is ready to be applied.

Tag Notification

When Access and Fixed tags are created, users can be added to a tag notification list which will automatically notify users when a tag is changed.


If a clients tag has been changed from “Inquiry” to “Current” and if you have been added to the notification list of Current, you will receive a notification message in your For Review tab.


At this point you will either see a button called Create Q-Log or Dismiss

  • When a dismiss button shows, it requires no action and can be cleared from your For Review tab.

  • If create Q-Log displays, then you or someone in that tag notification group must click on the Create Q-log button to type whatever action that needed to occur was completed. Then that button changes to Dismiss.

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