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For more documentation on the Manage Forms Permission, Click HERE.

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On a contact's profile page, the Forms tab can add specialized data about a contact.

To start:

  1. Look at the Data Forms in the dropdown list.
  2. Select a form
  3. Click Add


Data Forms can include:
  • Text boxes
  • Select boxes
  • Check boxes
NOTE: All Information in a Data Form is reportable.
  • Once you have filled out the form, click Save (Data Forms can also autosave when you click out of any text box).
  • Data Forms can also be populated in:
    • A Template (for more documentation, Click HERE and scroll down to the "Other" section).
    • The Contact's Profile Demographics top half of page (Create Ticket)


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Multiple Data forms

  • Click the Manage Form button

  • Select another Data Form

  • Multiple Data Forms can be opened, when you click on their abbreviated name and button.

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Delete / Hide Data Forms

If you decide to discontinue the use of a data form that has already been added, then click the Manage Form button.

  • Click the Trashcan to delete it entirely (NOTE: non-retrievable)
  • Uncheck the Visible box, to simply keep the data, but not show the form.

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Reveal Hidden Data Forms

  • Click on the Manage Form button

  • Check the Visible box
  • Click on the Forms tab

  • Edit as needed

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For more documentation on creating and managing Data FormsClick HERE.

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