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Adding A Related Contact  
  1. On the contact's page, go to the Add/Edit Related Contacts search box.

  2. Type in the last name of the individual that needs to be related to the contact.

    • If they are a new contact in the database, select New Individual.
      • Fill in the Relationship
      • Fill out the contact detail
      • Use the same Access tags
    • If they are an existing contact, then select the contact from the search results.

      • Input the relationship into the Define Contact Relationship box.
      • Select the check boxes that apply to this relationship:

        • Referrer (REF)
        • Parent/Guardian (PG)
        • Legal Custody (LC)
        • Information Release (IR)
        • Web Portal
To copy a note from a client's Activity Log into the related contacts page, unlock the note (if needed) and at the top right use the drop down menu to choose the related contact.

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Adding Relationship Information  

Click on the two person icon:

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Move a Contact to the Top of the List  

Click on the circle next to the name to move it to the top.

NOTE: Although this also displays the Related Contact's information, it is best practice to only click on the circle to move this person / business to the top, and click on the name to display the information.

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Jump Button/Icon  

Open the Related Contact's page.

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Related Contact Reports  


Parent Emails: displays Preferred email of parent (if selected).

  • It can be filtered by Date Range.
  • Parents shown have been marked with “PG” on the relationship.
  • This report displays: Student Name, DOA (Date of Admission), DOD (Date of Discharge), Parent Name, Relationship, Preferred Email, Home Email, and Work Email.

Related Contacts by Tag: displays - default - all current clients in the system with an Admit Date and the contacts that are tied to them.

  • It can be filtered by: Date Type (see red ? for more information on this option), Date Range, Relationship (CTRL+Click), Provider, Tag and Format. This report displays: Client, Related Contact, Related Address, Related Phone, and Related Email.

For more documentation on reports, click HERE .

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