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 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


  • BestNotes users are able to overlay another user's calendar on top of their own in a default multi-user or group column view.


  • Choose users to display in single, work week, full week, and month views. This should prove particularly helpful when coordinating meeting times and/or scheduling items for other users.

NOTE: If there are BestNotes users in different time zones, the overlay calendar automatically moves to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or 4 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). To change this, your on-site System Administrator needs to navigate to Settings -> Groups , and select a Time Zone for that group.

For more information on printing user(s) Agendas, Click HERE.

Single Day

After logging in to BestNotes, the user will see the single-day dashboard view. See the Navigation section to learn about navigating between calendar views.

For more information on printing user(s) Agendas, Click HERE.

Group (Column View)

To change the Group View Order Click Here!

To change the date while in a group view, use the blue arrows to move one day at a time or click on the date (top center) where a Calendar window will pop up and let you select a new date.

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Selecting Overlays

A new icon is added to the calendar options toolbar allowing the user to select another user whose calendar should be overlaid on top of their current view:

Clicking this button will open the list of users with the same access tags. Selecting a user to overlay will highlight and add that user to the overlaid calendars list. It will also update the current view with any additional appointments for that user. Any number of users can be added to the list, and all of their appointments will be overlaid on the calendar.

NOTE: Selecting a calendar group that contains a very large number of users may take BestNotes longer to display that calendar view.

 The default column view acts as the original overlay, but with the names you select.


The overlay list will populate the calendar in both views


Clicking a user's name in the Overlay Options list again will remove that user from the overlaid calendars list and refresh the appointment listing without that user's appointments. Selecting 'None' from the options list will remove all overlaid calendars from the display and return the calendar to the single day (Home) view.

The overlaid options will remain the same when switching to different views (daily to weekly, etc) or when viewing the multi-user single day view then back to a supported single user view.

As you leave users overlayed on your calendar and return to the single day from any part of BestNotes, when you click the overlay list button, the column view will display.

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Viewing Overlaid Calendars

Overlaid appointments will appear inline with the rest of the appointments on the users calendar, but have a couple of qualities to indicate that they belong to another user. The overlaid appointments are semi-transparent and have the overlaid calendar icon attached to their title bar. Color coding of the appointment type remains intact, as does the positioning of the appointments alongside other appointments displayed on the calendar. Additionally, all other attributes of the appointment are still present and can be interacted with just as the users own appointments (e.g. dragging, editing, context-menu/right-click options, etc).

For more information on printing user(s) Agendas, Click HERE.

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Appointment Example


 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):



Ben is trying to schedule an appointment with Ernie. They both have busy schedules. They would also like to have this appointment in the Conference Room. Ben's calendar has a number of appointments, but there are several times during the day that he will have time for an appointment.

Ben selects Ernie's calendar to overlay on top of his own in order to find a time that they both have available. There are two times during the day that neither user has an appointment: 1:00 and 3:30.

Finally, Ben chooses the Conference Room calendar to overlay as well. He discovers that the conference room is already booked at 1:00. Ben schedules his meeting with Ernie for 3:30.

For more information on printing user(s) Agendas, Click HERE.


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Other User's Calendar Views

When you click on the double calendar icon next to a user's name: 

That user's M-F view will display. You can manage that user's appointments with the Schedule for Others permission.

Switch to:

  • Sun-Sat view
  • Month view

To return to the original multi-user view, click on the Exit button next to the Group View button:

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