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 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


BestNotes has three consents that are standard federal consents. These can have up to 35 fields, which your System Administrator discusses with a BestNotes Implementer. The consents are Standard, Payer and Court-related, and can be used to receive permission to release information.


If a user has the Add Consents permission, they will see the Add Consent dropdown next to the related contacts name.

  1. Click the Add Consent dropdown
  2. Select either Standard, Payer or Court-related
  3. This will log you, as the user, out of BestNotes

  4. The consent form will open automatically for the client to fill out the type of information and purpose for release

  5. The client clicks Save and Sign, which prompts the client to enter their 4 digit PIN number.
  6. At this point, the user has to log back into BestNotes.

To keep track of which consents have been given from the client to their related contacts, these colored consent icons appear next to the related contacts (
C for Court related, P for Payer, S for Standard):
  • Blue  - pending a signature
  • Green   - Active
  • Red  - Revoked
    • NOTE: Revokes must be done manually and within the specified date.


When a consent has been filled out by the client but not yet signed with their PIN number, there are 3 areas where this information is found:
  • The blue Pending Contact Signature is applied to the consent icon
  • The consent form list for the related contact states Pending for that consent
  • The client's activity log shows the Signature Required button on the consent log entry


To finally sign a pending consent, click the Signature Required button on the activity log.

  • This logs you out of BestNotes, opens the consent in a separate window and allows the client to sign with their PIN number. 
  • The BestNotes Consents are all approved with up to 23 options to select.

NOTE: See Customizing Consents below.


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Related Contact (Parent) Signatures

  1. Select a Consent on the Client's Profile (Face) page.
  2. The User will be logged out.
  3. In the consent, select the Related Contact from the upper left

NOTE: If only the Related Contact (Parent) Signature is required, click on the trash can (Delete) next to the Client's name.

As a BestNotes User, click Save and Sign which will do one of the following:

  • Client can then add their 4-digit ePIN signature in person (when left on as a required signature)

  • The consent will close 

Log in

The Related Contact can sign in two ways:

  • On the Client's Activity Log, click on the Globe icon (for more information, Click HERE) and select the Related Contact. The Related Contact will be able to digitally sign on the company's portal.


  • Navigate to the Related Contact's Profile (Face) page and have them digitally sign in person

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Customize  Consents

To do any customization, have your company's onsite BestNotes System Administrator create a ticket on this website. All 3 BestNotes' Consents can be configured.

Consent Title

The consent Title can be changed.


A consent can have up to 22 checkbox options (Other MUST be kept as once this box is checked it requires the Other text field to be have data inputted), which can be renamed and/or reordered to suit your company's needs. Release (red) and Purpose (green) checkboxes - add/remove/edit checkboxes.


Purpose text

Privacy Text and Pre-Auth Text

Special Options (between purpose and disclosure)

Always has Yes/No radio buttons and Dates field. BestNotes can add/remove new lines and edit text at left.

Revoke Types

Text before dash - and text after the dash in the revoke dropdown menu (e.g. Verbal - and Written dash in image below). BestNotes can also set the order those should be in.


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