Here are a few suggestions for gathering a signature.

  • Method one: Use the built in tool of Adobe Reader to have the Physician create a signature, sign the documentation needed then have the file uploaded to BestNotes. 
    • Pros: Free, works quickly and easily 
    • Cons: Ties the doctor to a single computer unless they go through the process of setting up their signature on multiple computers. 
  • Method two: Use a third-party tool like to have the files uploaded and signed by the doctor. 
    • Pros: Web-based so doctors can sign from anywhere 
    • Cons: Cost can increase significantly based on number of documents that need a signature. 
  • Method three: Upload the file in BestNotes. Have a designated template that is completed by the staff who uploaded the file. This template would give the name of the uploaded file(s), have a statement that the Dr. has reviewed these files, and then place the signature. This template would then require the signature of the doctor in the For Review. 
    • Pros: Everything is done in BestNotes.  
    • Cons: Dr must go to client's page and filter for uploaded files to find the names listed in the note. Dr is not signing the note directly only a proxy note saying that he has.

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