With an intermittent connection, here are some steps that can be taken to minimize the times when notes may not save.

Use the Save button often. For example, when writing a progress note: 

  • Open the note and immediately save.
  • Look in the templates History tab to ensure it is there. 

  • Once there, continue working and saving periodically. 
  • TIP: Use the Hot key Ctrl+S (as you would in MS Word) to save time (Templates only).
  • Before using Save & Close or Save, Sign & Lock, click Save one last time, and make sure the whole document is in the History tab.
  • Once there, use Save & Close or Save, Sign & Lock

For Notes and Group Notes, it is not quite as easy but frequent saves can help. 

Don't leave any document window open for a long period of time unattended. If a user needs to step away from the computer, they should save their work and return to the client screen or Group Note screen. 

Your onsite IT team could use network tools to monitor the connection to BestNotes and see if there are any items that stand out as to why BestNotes is not available during those times. (e.g. ping crm.bestnotes.com -t will send a ping each second to ensure that a connection is still active to BestNotes). 

Review with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) what your guaranteed uptime is and see why connections to BestNotes may be dropping.

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