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: Providers are filtered by their BestNotes Username

NOTETo get the inlist option using certain criteria choices you must first save your saved report. Then this option will be available.


  • For Example, to display contact's birthdays per month:
  • Select Fields to Display (Name, Age)
  • Select Filter Criteria (Date of Birth - DOB)
  • Select the Like operator
  • Insert 4 underscores ____ the month XX and 2 more underscores __ (e.g.  ____04__  )
  • Click View Report


For example, use the * OR % sign in place of letters or numbers.
  • e.g. search for "Washington"

  • e.g. search by Zip codes

Not Equal Operator

For Example, find Contacts with End dates:
  • Select Fields to Display
  • Select a date field in Filter Criteria (End Date (DOD))
  • Select the Not Equal operator
  • Leave the next box blank (empty)
  • Click View Report

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