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  1. Create appointment
  2. Click on Recurrence tab 

Repeats - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

Every - 1-30 Repeats 

End - After # of Occurrences OR On a specific date (Displays dates in Results)

  • e.g. Recurring appointment every week on Friday for the next 2-3 weeks

Results - Displays all the date(s) according to the Repeat settings

Conflicting - Appointment date(s) that have a conflicting appointment

  • Overlap (Overlap All above first conflict dropdown)
  • Change time

Recurring Appointments: display in the Recurrence tab at all times:

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Delete / Edit Recurring Appointments   (including Locked appointments, for more information - Click HERE)

If one or more of the recurring appointments need to be changed, these will display:

NOTE: Pending = from your current date and time and is not at least Checked-In


  • If the day you create a future appointment is Monday and you create the 1st future appointment for Tuesday, 3 days of recurring appointments will land on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
  • On Tuesday after the first appointment is Checked-Out, if you are in the Single Day view (Not Week view) and/or Edit / Delete and click Pending the 3rd future (Thursday) appointment in the series, you will NOT see the 2nd (Wednesday) appointment be changed.
  • NOTE: The 2nd (Wednesday) is still a future appointment even though you are changing an even further future appointment on Thursday.

  • NOTE: Delete All Appointments does delete ALL Future and Past appointments even if Past appointments are Checked-In or Checked-Out or Locked!
  • It literally deletes ALL Appointments!

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  • Every 1 day = Daily Activity
  • Every 2 days = Every other day at the same time

  • Every 1 weeks = Weekly Meeting (Choose which day(s) of the week to repeat) at the same time

  • Every 2 Weeks = Every other week (Choose which day(s) of the week to repeat) at the same time

  • Every 1 Month = Monthly meeting (Choose which day of the Month to repeat) at the same time 
  • e.g. BestNotes bills on day 1 = 1st of each month
  • e.g. Monthly meeting that occurs on the second Monday of each month
  • Every 2 Months = Every other month


  • Every 1 Year = Yearly Meetings (Choose which day of the Year to repeat) at the same time 

    • e.g. Holidays (New Years January 1 = 1st)

    • e.g. Yearly Review / Taxes (The Second Monday of ...___) 

End - After # of Occurrences OR On a specific date (Displays dates in Results)

  • # = how many times an appointment Repeats
  • 2 = 2 Appointments (1 appointment and 1 repeat)
  • On opens a date selector (wizard)
    • Appointment will repeat according to Daily Weekly, Monthly, Yearly settings until that date
    • e.g. Holidays (New Years Day appointment to repeat for 5 years)
    • e.g. Weekly meeting to repeat all year

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